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What Is ALUMNIterns?

ALUMNIterns is a group for former Resiterns members to connect, network, share fond memories, and support current Resiterns. We provide a Facebook Group, an annual Alumni Newsletter with updates on current Resiterns happenings, and opportunities to further the Resiterns mission through donations and other types of support.


Support Resiterns

Since 1959 Resiterns has grown by leaps and bounds, but our purpose has remained the same: to create community and foster relationships for our UTMB residents, fellows, their significant others, and their families.

UTMB Resiterns’ main funding comes from three main sources: a small grant from UTMB’s Office of Graduate Medical Education; our modest membership dues; and our own fundraising by selling ads in our “Inside Galveston” booklet. As our membership has grown, we have done more and more with the same budget. 

After long periods of social isolation due to Covid, UTMB residents and fellows have eager to join Resiterns to find a community. In 2021-2022 we doubled our membership and began to offer more babysitting reimbursement at each event to enable residents and fellows with children to attend events. We sent study snacks to departments before big exams, planned a golf outing for our members, and even supplied refreshments to our newest “Mini Meets” like the Book Club and Art Club. 

If you are able, we would love for you to consider donating to UTMB Reisterns as we support physicians in training at UTMB. 100% of all donations go towards Resiterns' wellness, social and service events.

What can my donation do?


Pays for a gift card for a new baby, new pets, or a meal train for a Resident or Fellow who needs it.


Pays for a Children's Event (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Zoo Trips, etc.)


Pays for one night of babysitter reimbursement, allowing a couple to attend events.


Pays for a Friday Happy Hour or another mid-size event (Beach Bash, BBQ, Golf Outing, etc.)


Pays for supplies for a Mini Meet (such as Book Club, Art Club, Hiking Club, etc.)


"Sponsors a Department" allowing us to waive the yearly membership dues for up to 10-15 households from the donor's department of choice.


Pays for a LARGE box of treats, food, and refreshments to be dropped off at a Department's Resident Lounge before exams or in-service days.


Pays for an event space rental and refreshments for a large adult event (Christmas, Halloween, Graduation)


When making a donation, please feel free to earmark it for a certain event or department. Did you love the Sweethearts Dinner during your time here, or did the babysitting reimbursement make coming out to events easier? Let us know and we are happy to ensure it goes to that. Otherwise, leave it up to us and we will ensure it gets put to great use.


To make a donation please email to coordinate with our team

Do you have photos from your time in Resiterns? We would love to see them! Please email them to

Our Mission

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